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5 Tips on Styling Men's Skirts

5 Tips on Styling Men's Skirts
Incorporating skirts into your wardrobe is easier than you’d think. Here are 5 practical tips on how to embrace modern masculinity & be one of those guys that wear skirts. 

1. Start Simple:
Begin with neutral colours like Black & White. A simple, solid-coloured skirt can be easier to style. Our Kilt Wrap Skirt is a perfect option for this, with examples in White, Mushroom, Gumnut & Black.
Kilt Wrap Skirt - Tencel (Eucalyptus)
 2. Length:
Finding the right length of skirt can be tricky. That’s why our Kilt Wrap Skirt is designed to be worn at any length that works for you.
Simply wrap the skirt around yourself, thread the waistband where it suits, tie a knot and off you go…wearing it is really that easy. 
Low-Cut Singlet - Tencel (Eucalyptus)
3. Layering:
Pair skirts with classic pieces like jackets, singlets or shirts. Layering can add depth and make the outfit more cohesive. Every skirt we offer has a matching Double Breasted Blazer, Cropped Tank Top & Oversized Shirt in our classics collection...the perfect way to begin styling our Kilt Wrap Skirt.
Kilt Wrap Skirt - Tencel (Eucalyptus)
4. Footwear:
Choosing footwear that complements the look is important for guys that wear skirts. Depending on the vibe of your outfit; boots, sneakers & sandals all work well with our Kilt Wrap Skirt.
5. Occasion:
Consider the occasion, with casual skirts working well for everyday wear, while more tailored options can be suitable for formal events.
The beauty of our Kilt Wrap Skirt is that it can be dressed up or down depending on how you style it, or which length you decide to wear it.
Black Kilt Wrap Skirt styled with printed shirt & boots

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