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Why we need sustainable fashion

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world; producing unfathomable amounts of waste, run-off and greenhouse gases every year.

Trends, cycles and short-term styles have contributed to the rise of fast-fashion and most people still see clothes as one-wear, quick to tear and easily disposable.

On top of this, the system as it stands is steeped in exploitative and in many cases deadly human rights abuses, horrendous working conditions for the most vulnerable of workers, pay below the poverty line, not to mention near-irreparable farming and agricultural practices.

Circularity is important because it is designed to stop these horrendous practices.

Cradle2Cradle provides a standardised approach to material circularity, assessing whether products have been suitably designed and made with the circular economy in mind.

They cover critical categories of material health, material reutilisation, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship and social fairness.


By reducing the constant feed of virgin material, circularity supports the regeneration of natural systems, agriculture and farming, fair trade practices, and a transparent supply chain.

Circular design considerations include making products from mono materials, including the thread and trims, the use of single fibres rather than blends, ensuring hardware and trims are easily removable and can be recovered for reuse and the use of safe dyes and finishes to aid recyclability.

If we want products made to be remade, recyclability must be at the front of the design process, i.e. how easy is it to disassemble and repurpose?

If we want products to be used long term, they need to be easily repairable and designed to be as classic, long-lasting and functional as possible.

In supporting circularity, you are supporting;

  • the regeneration of natural systems, agriculture & farming
  • fair trade practices & a transparent supply chain
  • responsible manufacturing
  • reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • safer, less toxic products for you, the consumer

Here at The Glade,

  1. We will only use organic, recycled or sustainably sourced plant-based fibres, i.e. cottons, linens, TENCEL, etc.
  2. We're founded on vegan values and will never use animal-based products in our collections.
  3. All our garments are designed and made within a 5km radius of each other in Sydney on Gadigal land.

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